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* Do you know what Google Workspace (G Suite) is?

Suggested article: Google Workspace

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is a SaaS product that includes many of the people's favorite Google tools, like Docs, Sheets, Drive, Calendar, and more. It also provides some of the most popular communication and collaboration apps like Gmail and Meet.

Google Workspace accounts are created and managed by an Admin, in contrast to the standard free Gmail or Google accounts that an individual may use. The administrator has complete control over Google Workspace defaults, app access, and security settings.

It is essential to know that it is strongly recommended to use Chrome browser when you access Google Workspace. This will bring you various benefits, such as if the administrator allows it, you can configure Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides to sync locally for offline work.

As you can see, Google Workspace is an excellent platform suitable for different types of businesses. If you are ready to start using it, we recommend you visit the following page, where you can find Google Workspace plans at an affordable price!